BCI-PQÉÉ: Quebec Student Exchange Programme

The BCI-PQÉÉ program allows students from the University of Lille to pursue their studies at a host university in Quebec, for one semester or a maximum of one year.

Experience a crossroads of languages and cultures unique in North America. Immerse yourself in vibrant student communities that combine academic excellence with a sense of celebration. Try the aventure with one of the eight Quebec institutions part of the programme!

Consult the BCI-PQÉÉ website to know more about the programe.

Participation terms

  • Be enrolled in at least the 2nd year at the time of application, for a 3rd year mobility (ULille condition)
  • Have an excellent academic record (some programs require a minimum GPA to be eligible)
  • Master the English language for English-language universities
  • Be able to afford the cost of travel and accommodation in Quebec

Application procedure

The application procedure for the BCI programme consists of two steps:

  1.  Pre-selection by the University of Lille
  2. Application on the BCI website

The application process on the BCI website can only be done if you have been pre-selected by the University of Lille.

  • Contact the International Relations department of your department/faculty and consult the information on the BCI website, the information sheets of the Quebec partner universities and the BCI FAQ
  • Determine the universities and the choice of courses
  • Put together your mobility file

Once you have been pre-selected by the University of Lille, you must now apply on the BCI website.

  • Access to the site via a specific access code, given by the IR department of your component/faculty following your pre-selection
  • Complete the 4 steps of the process. Please note that some Quebec institutions require other documents.
  • Send the completed and signed form to the IR department of your faculty, along with the required documents.

ATTENTION: Just because you have been pre-selected does not automatically mean that you will be accepted by the host university!

Any incomplete application will be automatically rejected.

ATTENTION: Only one call for applications per year!

15 January: deadline for students to apply on MoveON (may be earlier depending on the department/faculty)

January: selection and ranking of applications by the faculty

February: pre-selection committee of the International Relations of the University of Lille and sending of the results of the pre-selection and the access codes to the BCI-PQÉ website by e-mail to the faculties which then inform the students

Sending of the complete application (including all the requested documents) to the international relations department of your faculty

End of May: final selection of students by Quebec universities