Mobility for doctoral students

You are a PhD student and would like to stay in our university. See also the platform Fund-it

You wish to apply for a PhD under the supervision of a laboratory researcher of the University of Lille.

See the pre-requisite and the procedure for admission on the doctoral schools website.

See also the Campus France website about PhD admission.

The International Mobility Department supports the future PhD student and the host laboratory to set up the joint supervision thesis.


The joint supervision thesis allows a PhD student (from the University of Lille or from a partner university) to carry out a doctoral thesis between his home institution and a host institution abroad. The distribution of workload and fees is predetermined.

At the end of the thesis the PhD student receives a PhD diploma from the University of Lille and an equivalent diploma from the partner university abroad.

Administrative provisions

  • Agreement

An agreement setting the administrative and teaching modalities signed by both institutions for each joint supervision thesis.

  • Mobility and thesis duration

The mobility is divided into alternative periods in each institution and will be of, at least, 12 months, and spread over the thesis duration.

  • Enrolment

The PhD student must enroll each year in each institution, complying with the enrolment conditions of each country.

PhD students pay the enrolment fees in one of the two institutions and are exempted in the other institution (by presenting a proof of payment)

International Academy

Get ready for tomorrow!

The e-Academy.90 programme is a 90-hour summer training open to all international students or PhD candidates who are to register in a university or graduate school in France in 2022-2023.

It aims at preparing them for higher education studies and everyday life in France through an intensive training in the French language, but also culture and methodology, in line with their fields of study.

Programme dates: July 27th to August 24th 2022

Language prerequisite: applicants to this programme should have at least a B1 level in French.

For more information, visit the International Academy website.

The Lille Hauts-de-France Euraxess Centre is dedicated to helping international publics welcome by hosting universities, institutes and laboratories located in the Hauts-de-France region, in their moves to settle and adapt to their new life.

Please check the dedicated page to get more information

  • For a stay up to one month, please contact directly to the chosen laboratory (see list of laboratories below), attaching your resume and a description of your research project (maximum 2-3 pages)
  • For a stay exceeding one month, a "convention d'accueil" with the laboratory of the University of Lille is mandatory. Three hard copies of the agreement must be signed, by the PhD student, the laboratory director, the President of the University of Lille, the president of the institution of origin. The agreement must be filled in and transmitted online to the host laboratory one month before the beginning of the research period, in order to be checked by the legal department and signed.

See the list of laboratories at:

Contact us:

We can help you for your administrative actions and housing search.

Funding your thesis

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