Welcome to Inclusive Mobility

As a student of the University of Lille, you have the possibility to go abroad for a study or an internship during your university course. You can find more information on the International Relations webpage.

Inclusion and diversity are strong priorities in order to offer an adapted support to an international mobility project. Any student of the University of Lille who has fewer opportunities because of their social, economic or cultural background, their disability, their origin has the right and the opportunity to undertake an international mobility.

In collaboration with Erasmus and the Bureau Vie Étudiante & Handicap (BVE&H), the University of Lille is committed to offering all its students support in this unique and enriching experience.

In order to help you to choose your host institution, we advise you to visit the Inclusive Mobility website which is an online mapping tool on the accessibility of higher education institutions developed by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

To support your international mobility and to meet your specific needs, within the Erasmus+ programme, it is possible to obtain additional funding on top of the Erasmus+ mobility scholarship. The costs eligible for top-up funding can be diverse: specific accommodation, travel assistance, medical follow-up, equipment, home care services, sign language interpreter or even home care asssistant.

As applications for grants can take some time, we ask you to apply as soon as possible and at least two months in advance, so that all the supporting documents can be studied by the Erasmus+ Agency and our teams. To help you with your application for the reimbursement of the real costs of the necessary expenses related to your disability or your long-term illness, please contact the ESH referent of the International Relations Office: outgoing-specialneedsuniv-lillefr  

Ask the International Relations Officer of your faculty/school/institute to be informed on the steps to be taken to compile your mobility file.

You can also contact the BVE&H at the same time to be accompanied throughout the process.

The Erasmus+ programme seeks to promote equal opportunities and access, inclusion, diversity and fairness across all its actions.

Students who are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant and meet one of the following five criteria may be eligible for an inclusion grant of 250 euros per month:
1. CROUS scholarship beneficiaries with social criteria, grades 6 or 7
2. Member of a family whose CAF family income is less than or equal to €551
3. Living in a municipality classified as a Rural Revitalization Zone (ZRR)
4. Living at an address classified as a Quartiers Prioritaires de la Ville
5. Jobseeker of A category for more than one year

Selection criteria applied by the University of Lille: The financial inclusion support is allocated by the following order of priority
- students receiving the Erasmus+ internship scholarship
- students who are beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ study scholarship and who are not eligible for the MERMOZ and AMI scholarships.

If they have done it, why not you?

Find many testimonials on the Inclusive Mobility webpage.

You will find the testimony of João, a Portuguese student who came to France to do his mobility.

A short message to you from the agency: “It is important to be aware that requesting this grant is a procedure that can be lengthy, both for you and for the institution involved. The application is done in cooperation between the student and the Higher Education Institution towards the National Agency. Note also that to this day, not all institutions in Europe have had previous experience with requesting and managing this type of grant, and you might be the first person to request it. Therefore, it is important to contact your home institution well in advance to ask about this grant and make sure there is enough time to prepare the paperwork to receive it. Your institution can help you to fill in the different forms and some National Agencies also offer preparatory visits to the place of the exchange."