Academic and teaching mobility

Mobility for lecturers-researchers

To come to our university, there are many schemes. For each of them there is a legal framework and welcoming conditions adapted to your situation. (reception conditions plutôt que welcoming conditions)

In addition to the following schemes, many other opportunities are available (ministerial or embassy programmes, foundations, …)

You are a lecturer in a European university in partnership with the University of Lille. You would like to teach, for a short period, in our university or strengthen your relationship with us, the Erasmus+ programme is for you !

Mobility duration

A teaching assignment lasts 2 days to maximum 8 weeks, with at least 8 hours of teaching per week.



  • Contact your correspondent at the University of Lille to set the content and schedule of your mobility.
  • Contact the International Relations Office in your home university and fill in the Erasmus Kit for staff mobility
  • Have the certificate of attendance filled in and signed by the University of Lille.  



The numerous cooperation agreements of the University of Lille allow exchanges of lecturers and researchers with institutions out of the European Union.


  • The Doctoral Schools and research laboratories frequently host lecturers, researchers and post-PhD students.
  • Contact your correspondent at the University of Lille or the International Relations Office, sending your resume, your project and a schedule of your mobility.

The Euraxess centre Lille Hauts-de-France helps the teacher-researchers mobility and offers many facilities in addition to the organization set by each institution.

To reinforce the international side of its Training) and research activities, the University of Lille set up the  “invited lecturer” scheme,  managed jointly by the International Relations Office and the Human resources department.                                                      

Mobility duration 

The mobility duration is 1 week to maximum 1 month.


The University of Lille bears the costs of transport, accommodation, meals and hours of intervention.


Two calls  for applications are launched each year, the first one, in Autumn, the second one during spring. To apply, contact your correspondent at the university of Lille. More information :

The section « teachers-researchers recruitment » (travailler à l'université – Recruitment) specifies the different recruitment conditions for lecturers and researchers positions at the University of Lille.


Recruitment conditions

  •  The assistant applies for a foreign language which is his mother language or applies for another language which is as familiar to him as his mother language.
  • Candidates for foreign language assistant position must have a diploma equivalent to a master’s degree.
  • Candidates for foreign language lecturer position must have successfully accomplished one PhD academic year abroad or in France.


Who’s hiring ?

The foreign language lecturers and assistants recruitment is conducted by the faculties. 



The Lille Hauts-de-France Euraxess Centre is dedicated to helping international publics welcome by hosting universities, institutes and laboratories located in the Hauts-de-France region, in their moves to settle and adapt to their new life.

Please check the dedicated page to get more information.


Administrative and technical staff mobility

You are administrative staff in a european partner university and you’d like to take part in a training mobility in our institution? The Erasmus+ mobility programme is for you!


The mobility duration is between 2 and 5 days.


  • Contact your correspondent at the University of Lille to define the Mobility content and schedule.

  • Contact the international relations office of your university and complete the Erasmus Kit for staff mobility.

  • Have the certificate of attendance signed and duly filled in by the University of Lille