Events and training courses

All master’s and PhD students on the graduate programme are invited to take part in these events.



Every year in September 

The aim of this event is to welcome students from the graduate programme and outline the scientific topics covered by the programme via interdisciplinary conferences. Workshops to facilitate student integration and help them meet one another, visits to laboratories and sessions with poster presentations are also held as part of this event. The seminar run at the beginning of the academic year is a wonderful event to bring master’s and doctoral students, lecturers and researchers together. 

Next event : mid-September 2022


Late afternoon every 2 months

These informal events give participants the chance to meet with a professional working in their area and discuss their academic and professional background. They are a wonderful opportunity for master’s and doctoral students on the programme to begin to look ahead to their own careers.

Would you like to suggest the next guest speaker or share your experience with our students? Contact the SCP graduate programme office: graduate-programme-scpuniv-lillefr



Half-day event each year in June

This event is organised by the doctoral students on the graduate programme and follows the standard format of scientific conferences. On the agenda: interdisciplinary discussions and poster presentations. 

Next event in June 2022 (to be announced)

Scientific communication

As a student on this module you will be taught how to compile an academic bibliography and develop your capacity to write an academic article or text for the general public, as well as to prepare posters. You will be able to decide how best to present your results, target the most suitable type of publication and talk about your results to different types of audiences. 

Topics covered:

  • Searching for information in the academic literature

  • Implementing automated strategies to keep abreast of current knowledge

  • Evaluating the quality and relevance of information found

  • Organising and archiving information for later use 

This module also prepares students for publishing practices (peer review, publishing houses, open archives, etc.), bibliometrics and associated ethical rules (plagiarism, identifying co-authors, etc.). 

Finally, it is complemented by an introduction to rhetoric to stimulate your capacity for argumentation. 

Skills acquired:

  • writing and communication techniques;
  • analysis and summary of results;
  • publishing research results  

Project Management

This class will provide you with the basic knowledge to manage scientific projects. You will be introduced to project management methods as well as their possible applications for scientific projects so you can optimise your work and maximise your chances of success.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to project management in science 
    - Defining scientific projects 
    - Life cycle of a scientific project

  • Managing a scientific project 
    - Project management process (project planning and execution)
    - Concepts and jargon in project management 
    - Tools for effective scientific project management 

Skills acquired: 

  • how to build a scientific project,
  • clearly defining your objectives and the relevance of your ideas;
  • establishing a rational work plan that evaluates risks and challenges to maximize your chances of success;
  • monitoring project progress and evaluating your results.

One year with the Graduate Programme

AugustPré-rentrée universitaire avec l’International Academy - 1 week
SeptemberInauguration days – 2 days
October-May After-Work sessions – (6 times /year)
JuneEnd-of-year Conference – 1/2 day