Precision Health

Precision Health

The Precision healthcare graduate programme offers training in research through research and includes:

  • 1 Master’s in Biology and Healthcare 
  • 1 PhD programme

It aims to teach students about the innovative concepts that are set to drive the research and healthcare of the future.

The course is open to biologists, doctors, pharmacists and (bio)informaticians whether from France or abroad.

Theoretical course work is structured around 10 seminars lasting 1 or 2 days, run as short interactive conferences addressing themes linked to contemporary technologies and innovative approaches (e.g. mass data, “omics”, new-generation sequencing, systems biology and integrated bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, mathematical modelling of biological systems, innovative therapies, cohort management, and the economics and ethics of healthcare). Applications are chosen from the flagship areas of healthcare and cover various chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes and cardio-metabolic disease, neurological and neurodegenerative disease, infectious and immuno-inflammatory disease), justifying a precise approach in the long term, from detection to the prevention of complications. Seminars are run in English by local and international experts. They are open to master’s and PhD students.

PhD students will take part in an international mobility programme as part of their course at one of the graduate programme’s partner institutes.

Various initiatives have been taken to increase students’ awareness of the socio-economic world (innovation, start-up entrepreneurship, management, intellectual property, etc.), with a view to enhancing their employment prospects after graduation: guest speakers from the entrepreneurial community (big pharma, start-ups, industry chair) at seminars, links to the Health Bioentrepreneurship university diploma (, PreciDIAB industrial club.

Welcome grants for foreign students, merit-based grants and international mobility grants are available, as well as PhD stipends for students eager to pursue their education in research.

The Precision healthcare graduate programme is designed to train the next generation of researchers in universities and other academic bodies, hospitals, industry and biotech.