“Solo” travel abroad

Take time out from your studies to travel abroad.

Travelling on your own can seem quite scary at first sight, but this kind of experience usually end up being the most educational and unforgettable type of mobility. Unlike exchange students, free-movers have to organize their trip on their own and the University won't assist them with the planning. Of course, various options exist so timid as adventurous students can find the experience that will fit the most their expectations.

If you would like to serve the public interest, civic service is the thing for you.

  • International Civic Service : available to young adults aged 16 to 25, and up to age 30 for those with a disability. It gives participants the chance to receive remuneration of €580 a month without any academic requirements and get involved in an association, public body, local authority, etc. in one of 9 possible areas: solidarity, environment, sport, culture, education, health, emergency interventions, memory and citizenship, and humanitarian aid
  • "Volontariat international en entreprise" (VIE) : paid volunteering mission in a French company abroad.
  • "Volontariat international en administration" (VIA) : paid civic service mission for the French government abroad (consulate, ambassy, etc.)

Enjoy an international experience by taking part in a volunteer mission:

Warning : usually volunteering work is not paid and it often involves charges for the volunteer (membership, journey, etc.).

If you want to find a job abroad, the best way to do it is to go there and start looking ! However, you must be aware about the local legislation and make sure you have the right to work there.

If you are a European citizen and you want to work in Europe, there should be no problem. On the other hand, if you wish to go out of Europe you should apply for a visa. In many countries, tourists are not allowed to work on the territory. You can try for instance to apply for a Working Holiday Visa that will give you the right to work in some countries.

For help finding a job abroad or summer work, follow the advice available on the Ready to Move platform and get organised with the ReadyToGo webpage !