To answer your immediate questions, please consult the International Mobility FAQ 2020-2021:

If you are an international student, doctoral student, teacher or researcher and you are coming to France for a long or a short stay, be sure to read the procedure to follow for your safe arrival in France:


Please note: outgoing mobility depends on the opening of French borders. In case of closure of the French borders, mobility could not take place.

Please note: 
according to the new directives of the French government (14/01/2021), any international travel - from abroad to France and from France to abroad - is totally and strictly not recommended until further notice.

Mobility in Europe: the University of Lille allows outgoing study mobility in Europe, in compliance with health rules and if they are accepted by the partner university / host structure, face-to-face or remotely.

Mobility outside Europe: the University of Lille allows mobility for studies outside Europe in the second semester 2020-21, in compliance with health rules and if they are accepted by the partner university / host structure, in face-to-face or remotely.

Please note, in the event that the country of destination has implemented or is required to implement entry measures into the territory inducing additional costs (linked to tests, or compulsory quarantine, etc.), the costs will be borne by the student, who will also be responsible for obtaining up-to-date information on the procedure to be followed and the arrangements to be made.

In the event of cancellation or early interruption of mobility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the costs related to repatriation and / or the end of the mobility as well as medical costs will be borne by the student.

Recommendations to follow in preparing for mobility:

  • Provide good health insurance that covers international medical costs
  • Buy exchangeable and refundable plane tickets
  • Learn about and follow the rules for entering and staying in the destination country (tests, mandatory quarantine, etc.)
  • Mandatory registration on ARIANE:

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