Academic context and research

This graduate programme helps respond to the scientific challenges tackled by the University of Lille in biology and healthcare:

  • Promoting systems biology and precision healthcare

  • Catalysing the digital revolution in biomedical research

  • Optimising the impact for patients and society

Why offer a course in “precision healthcare”?


For a few years now we have been seeing a veritable revolution in concepts and technologies, with the advent of mass data and artificial intelligence, innovations in imaging, the modelling of biological systems, etc.


These technological developments have led to changes in the concepts and paradigms central to all dimensions of research in biology and healthcare:

  • fundamental research (shedding light on the physio-pathological mechanisms of disease)

  • clinical research (establishing, managing and using large cohorts)

  • developing innovative therapies (drugs and medical devices)

  • patient care

  • public health policies and the economics of healthcare

  • and the ethical questions that these new concepts inevitably raise

The graduate programme is part of PreciDIAB, a collaborative project involving world-renowned scientists from Lille, multidisciplinary clinicians, the healthcare industry, innovative start-ups, diabetes patients and professional associations, with the aim of developing innovative therapies and personalised patient care (






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