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Ambassador Programme

This ambassador programme is aimed at students from the University of Lille who wish to go abroad for a semester or a whole academic year.

Become an Ambassador of the University of Lille

What is being an ambassador of the University of Lille?

  • It is making other students want to take the plunge and carry out a mobility in their turn ;
  • It is sharing moments, memories or good advice from your mobility ;
  • It is to proudly represent the University of Lille on the international scene ;
  • It is joining the network of university ambassadors and exchanging and sharing moments of your mobility.

Missions realised by the Ambassador



Missions during your mobility

In your role as an ambassador for the University of Lille, you will be entrusted with several missions throughout your mobility:

  • Keep a blog, a social network account or a video channel dedicated to your mobility ;
  • Share photos of your mobility ;
  • Write a book of good tips: what I need to know about the host university, the city or the country of my mobility. Itineraries, places, recommended restaurants, tips for everyday life ;
  • Represent and/or promote the University of Lille during an international event at the host university. Materials will be sent to you to carry out these missions ;
  • Participate in the "Tell me about your mobility" online event during International Student Week (mid-November).

You will be able to choose from a non-exhaustive list of missions the ones that suits you the best!

Any other original idea to promote your mobility will be strongly encouraged and supported by the International Relations Department.

Missions after your mobility

You may also be given other assignments on your return from mobility. These will make potential future mobility students want to take the plunge:

Being an Ambassador of the University of Lille is also a role of transmission, of passing information for future mobilities. We therefore ask our student ambassadors to make themselves available in the coming years for future students who might have questions or doubts about their mobility.

To carry out your missions as an ambassador, an "Ambassador's Kit" will be given to you before you leave so that you can proudly display the colours of the University of Lille.

Thanks to the transversal UEPE "Be An Ambassador" available in some faculties, your commitment can be valued by ECTS. For more information about the UEPE, please contact your faculty or the transversal pole.