Why not travel abroad to take part in a summer or winter school?

There’s nothing like a short immersive trip abroad to perfect your language skills and attend conferences and seminars

Many partnerships offering short trips abroad

Summer and winter schools are university programmes with an international dimension giving students the chance to study one or more subjects abroad, in some cases, subject to certain conditions, validated as part of a course at the University of Lille under the ECTS. Lasting up to 8 weeks, these programmes are generally run during the summer or winter periods or between two teaching terms.

They can also give students the opportunity to take part in research projects at university laboratories.

The University of Lille offers scholarships to students participating in such programmes in an Erasmus+ member country. For more information, please consult the call for applications.



Schools currently available

Testimony - Summer school at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland

The summer school in Finlande is more interesting than an academic program. I could see some cultural side in the Finnish culture, I would never see it without going through such a program. I used to see the universities departments separated by roads and like-green areas, in JYVASKYLA the lakes are separating instead. Beside, I could notice that in this city, foreign people are almost in campus, otherwise, the city is full of locals only. Overall, it was nice Finnish time, I went also to Helsinki and spend some times there, where I could see that energetic way to Estonia from Finland on boat, I changed my plan then and went also to Tallinn in Estonia. It was very long trip and tiring but sweet.

Fawzi Bouakkaz