International Credit Mobility in Ukraine

Projet introduction

The strategy of the University of Lille towards the countries of the Eastern Neighbourhood area started a few years ago in the framework of the Erasmus + Action 2 programmes. The University of Lille was a partner in the IANUS consortium led by the University of Iasi in Romania. This project made it possible to set up numerous cooperations with countries bordering the European Union, such as Ukraine, and Caucasian countries such as Georgia and Armenia.

With Ukraine, cooperation has been particularly strengthened between IAE Lille and the Business School of Kharkiv State University around the Master Executive International. IAE Lille is part of the University of Lille and is a member of the national network of IAE. A double degree agreement was signed in 2018. Within this framework, 10 student mobilities have already been organised and 5 teaching mobilities. The strategy is to promote international English-speaking courses and to train international executives through quality training and international speakers. The project with the University of Kharkiv meets this strategy.

A second institution is proposed, Naukma National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy. This university in SHS was a co-coordinator of the IANUS project. This university is very concerned with the internationalisation of its training and research. Thus, it wishes to increase the percentage of students in international mobility (15%). The international exposure will allow the development of intercultural and linguistic skills. The University of Lille wishes to continue hosting students at Bachelor and Master levels.


Reception of a delegation from Karazin Business School (Ukraine)

From 18 to 24 June 2023, the IAE and the head of the Master International Executive MBA - Ms Jocelyne Groux -, welcomed four Ukrainian teachers for a training mobility (STT) as part of the ICM project (International Credit Mobility - KA171 call 2022) with their institution:

  • Anton KVITKA - Deputy Director / PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
  • Davydov DENYS - Director of the Karazin Center for Entrepreneurship / PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
  • Volodymyr RODCCHENKO - Professor (Business and Administration Department – Department of Management)
  • Yuliia KVITKA – International cooperation manager

During their stay in Lille, the Ukrainian colleagues were able to attend the defence of a thesis by a Master 2 student in Roubaix at La Redoute, on the company's premises, and and took part in 8 assessments of the Master 2 International Executive final year defences, in the presence of the companies and sometimes the families, at the IAE. It was a great experience to discover that, despite a different language and culture, the conclusions reached on the defences were similar between the different assessors.
They were also able to meet representatives of local start-up projects, with the aim of promoting internship opportunities for future Ukrainian students coming in Lille.

The visit, organised by the IAE in conjunction with the International Mobility Department, was also an opportunity to discuss the double degree with Karazin Business School, which is currently being renewed, and to do some job shadowing with the IAE's teaching staff.


Each mobility follows a specific application procedure. If you are interested in one of these mobilities, we invite you to contact the IAE International Relations Manager or the International Relations Department of the University of Lille.


Testimonies to come.