International Credit Mobility in Georgia

Project introduction

The strategy of the University of Lille towards the countries of the Eastern Neighbourhood area started a few years ago in the framework of the Erasmus + Action 2 programmes. The University of Lille was a partner in the IANUS consortium led by the University of Iasi in Romania. This project made it possible to set up numerous cooperations with countries bordering the European Union, such as Ukraine, and Caucasian countries such as Georgia and Armenia.

The partnership with this country started under the Erasmus+ Action IANUS programme. Numerous student exchanges have been organised with the Tbilisi State University, revealing the high academic quality of this country. Since the implementation of the ICM project, the University of Lille has been applying for funding to enable the mobility of Georgian students. The students are English-speaking and attend courses in Faculties offering courses in English, notably the IAE and the FSJPS. The strategy of the University of Lille is to maintain these mobilities which are very beneficial to Georgian students. The University of Tblissi has increased the internationalisation of its operations and its training offer thanks to European programmes.


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Each mobility follows a specific application procedure. If you are interested in one of these mobilities, we invite you to contact the IAE or FSJPS International Relations Officer.


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