International Credit Mobility in Albania

Project introduction

Albania is a target country of the international strategy of the University of Lille (ULille). Indeed, ULille wants to support European countries that are not members of the European Union, which is one of the objectives of its participation in the International Credit Mobility (ICM).

In 2018, an agreement was signed with two Albanian universities, including Epoka University, in the fields of economics and management. This institution represents a real opportunity for cooperation for the Faculty of Economic, Social and Territorial Sciences (FaSEST) of ULille, in particular for its teaching quality and for its range of courses taught in English in economics and management, which is close to Lille's offer. On the strength of this potential for cooperation, it was decided with this partner to submit an ICM project in 2019, which was selected. This first project was to allow the opening up of the FaSEST to the Balkan region under optimal conditions, and to welcome students of different levels of study who would not necessarily have had the possibility of coming to study in Lille without funding.

Based on this success, the University of Lille has obtained the renewal of its partnership with Epoka University in the framework of the ICM 2022 for a 36-month project.


The Faculty of Economics, Social and Territorial Sciences was pleased to welcome Alba Gerdeci, Head of International Relations and Erinda Imeraj, Professor of Economics and Finance and Head of the Department of Economics at Epoka University in Tirana, Albania, from 21 to 25 March 2022.

This visit follows the successful completion of the International Credit Mobility (Erasmus+) project in 2019.

More information on the FaSEST's website.


Each mobility follows a specific application procedure. If you are interested in one of these mobilities, please contact the International Relations Officer of FaSEST.


Read the full testimony of an Albanian student who came to the University of Lille thanks to the ICM project.

Extract: My Erasmus Experience at the University of Lille in France - Elisa Ago student of BA in BINF

"Last year, given the opportunity from Epoka University I decided to apply for an Erasmus+ at the University of Lille, in France. I spent there the whole second year of my studies as a Business Informatics student.Erasmus+ allowed me to be part of an amazing and life-changing experience. I am sharing some details about the university, French lifestyle, and student life.

The University of Lille, situated in the north of France is one of the best universities in France. When I first arrived at University, I was surprised by how big the campus was (...)".