Prepare your arrival at the University of Lille

The International Mobility Department helps you prepare your teaching, research or training stay.

Any person welcomed must be in good standing with regard to the right of residence and work permit on French territory.

You are a teacher-researcher on mobility in Lille, you shall obtain the following documents in the following order :

1) A scientific "convention d'accueil” from your host laboratory at the University of Lille, mandatory to obtaining the visa.

2) A visa to be requested at the French Consulate (more information on the MEAE website)

3) A resident permit if your stay is more than 3 months long.

These steps also apply to your spouse and your child(ren) if they come with you.

The "convention d'accueil" specifies the object and the dates of your French stay and then determines the duration of the stay. It certifies that the holder has sufficient resources to bear the costs of stay and repatriation. The signer establishment must be sure that the holder is covered by a health insurance and a liability insurance.

There are several types of visas which depend on the duration and the reason of your stay :

  • Short-stay visa type C for stays up to 3 months (except exempt nationalities) ;
  • Long-stay visa with same value as resident permit for stays between 3 months to 12 months ;
  • Long-stay visa (residence permit to be requested in the 3 months following the arrival in France, for stays over 12 months ;

The resident permit warrants the regular situation of the foreign researcher in France. It is necessary for a stay over 3 months on french territory. It is only issued to the holder of a long-stay visa.

Europeans cases : Citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area are exempt from visa requirements and are therefore not concerned by these steps. In the same way, the residence card does not concern European Union citizens.

Health insurance: Before your arrival, please check that your health insurance covers you on French territory.



The missions of the Euraxess Service Center in Lille Hauts de France are :

  • prepare the stay of the international researcher and his/her family (contact, needs assessment...)
  • give support and help to the international researcher and his/her family from the arrival and during his/her stay, in a personalized basis : finding accommodation, administrative procedures (help with entry and residence formalities, social security, health insurance, housing insurance, opening a bank account, family allowance, driving licence, taxes, etc.).
  • facilitate integration into everyday life: offering cultural outings and organizing French courses FLE), finding schools, nurseries for children, etc.)

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