Diploma as part of an international partnership

Dual diploma, joint European diploma... It’s up to you!

Dual diploma

A dual diploma is awarded both by the University of Lille and the host university. During your trip abroad, you must be registered for a national diploma at the University of Lille that includes this option:


  • Franco-Italian dual diploma in Applied foreign languages (LEA)

Title: Applied foreign languages (LEA):

Italy: Libera Università 'Maria Ss. Assunta' (LUMSA) - Rome

  • Franco-British dual diploma in Language science (French as a foreign language)

Title: Language science (FLE):

United Kingdom: University of Portsmouth


  • Franco-Spanish/Franco-Italian dual diploma in Economics & management

Title: Economics and management:

Spain: University of Valladolid

Italy: University of Salento 



  • Franco-Polish dual diploma in Business administration

Title: Business administration:

Poland: Poznan University of Technology 

  • Franco-Canadian dual diploma in Finance, banking & accounting

Title: Finance, banking & accounting:

Canada: Université Laval

  • Franco-Romanian dual diploma in Management

Title: Management:

Romania: West University of Timişoara

  • Franco-German dual diploma in Management of European affairs (MEA)

Title: Management of European affairs (MEA):

Germany: Wildau Technical University of Applied Sciences 

  • Franco-Spanish dual diploma in Law, political & social science

Title: Law, political & social science:

Spain: University of Murcia


  • Franco-German dual diploma in Healthcare engineering & management (ILIS)

Title: Healthcare engineering & management (ILIS):

Germany: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences 

  • Franco-Spanish dual diploma in Healthcare engineering (ILIS)

Title: Healthcare engineering (ILIS):

Spain: University of Valladolid


  • Franco-Chinese dual diploma in Mechanics & civil engineering

Title: Mechanics & civil engineering:

China: University of Tongji

  • Franco-Moroccan dual diploma in Physics

Title: Physics:

Morocco: Mohammed I University 



  • Franco-Belgian/Franco-Chinese/Franco-Lebanese/Franco-Romanian dual diploma in Automation & electrical systems 

Title: Automation & electrical systems:

Belgium: University of Ghent

China: Harbin Institute of Technology

Lebanon: Lebanese University

Romania: Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB)

  • Franco-Italian dual diploma in Biodiversity, ecology & evolution

Title: Biodiversity, ecology & evolution:

Italy: University of Salento

  • Franco-Taiwanese dual diploma in Biology

Title: Biology:

Taiwan: Taipei Medical University 

  • Franco-Ukrainian/Franco-Chinese dual diploma in Chemistry, physics & analytics

Title: Chemistry, physics & analytics:

Ukraine: Kharkiv National University

China: Harbin Institute of Technology

  • Franco-Lebanese dual diploma in Mechanics & civil engineering 

Title: Mechanics & civil engineering:

Lebanon: Lebanese University

  • Franco-Cameroonian/Franco-Lebanese/Franco-Moroccan dual diploma in Physics

Title: Physics:

Cameroon: Yaoundé I University

Lebanon: Lebanese University

Morocco: Mohammed I University

  • Franco-American dual diploma in Networks & telecommunications

Title: Networks & telecommunications:

United States: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Georgia Tech Lorraine

  • Franco-Russian/Franco-Swedish/Franco-Italian dual diploma in Earth, planetary & environmental science

Title: Earth, planetary & environmental science

Russia: Novosibirsk State University

Russia: Tomsk State University

Sweden: University of Uppsala

Italy: University of Pisa


  • Franco-Spanish dual diploma in Sociology 

Title: Sociology:

Spain: University of Granada



  • Franco-Spanish dual diploma in Intervention & social development

Title: Intervention & social development:

Spain: University of Granada

  • Franco-Senegalese dual diploma in Mathematics

Title: Mathematics:

Senegal: Cheikh Anta Diop University

  • Franco-Italian/Franco-Portuguese dual diploma in Psychology

Title: Psychology:

Italy: University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

Portugal: University of Minho

  • Franco-Brazilian dual diploma in Urban planning & development

Title: Urban planning & development:

Brazil: Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC Minas)

Brazil: Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)

Each academic programme is determined in consultation with the international relations teaching coordinator at the faculty/school/institute and must be presented in the learning agreement.

The complete mobility application form is to be submitted to the international relations department at your faculty/school/institute by the required deadlines.

Joint European diploma

This integrated programme of study is implemented by a consortium of higher education institutes from at least three European countries, sometimes including third countries.
These master’s-level courses focus on excellence, quality, innovation and internationalisation. In some cases, the best students can secure study, teaching or research grants from the European Commission. Successful completion leads to the award of a dual diploma and in many cases multiple diplomas or, less often, a joint degree.

Master's degree

Master's degree

Application forms are to be submitted to the consortium of partner institutes, following the instructions presented on the websites of each course listed above.