The University of Lille is pleased to invite you to its Staff Week

International students wellbeing and mental health

The Direction of International Mobility from Université de Lille, France invites colleagues from partner universities to participate in our upcoming Staff Week Lille – International students wellbeing and mental health. The event will be held in Lille from 17th to 21st June 2024.

A recent report published by the World Health Organization revealed that 64% of young adults (aged 18-29) in European countries are at risk of depression. A similar study by Harvard University's Graduate School of Education found that young adults experience anxiety and depression twice as often as teenagers.

As the primary population of our universities, young adults' well-being is at the center of our daily work. We cannot ignore this issue, especially considering that a student with depression has significantly lower chances of academic success.

For international students, the mental health challenge is even more complex. First, cultural aspects regarding mental health and well-being vary widely, with differing levels of awareness and stigma. Second, language barriers can significantly hinder communication about mental health needs. Finally, accessing available resources may be difficult due to lack of awareness, false assumptions, or perceived ineligibility.

To foster a vibrant international environment and ensure the success of our international students, universities and their international services must prioritize student mental health and well-being. This staff week aims to elevate the issue to the forefront of our welcome strategies.

Our objectives

  • Reflecting the multi-faceted nature of the problem: We recognize that mental health and well-being encompass psychological, physical, social, and cultural aspects. The issue is multifaceted, and we want to gain a deeper understanding before proposing solutions.
  • Discussing potential solutions: Although complex, some solutions exist. We want to discuss their feasibility and effectiveness in our context.
  • Sharing best practices and strategies: Learning from others' experiences is crucial. We aim to share and learn from successful approaches implemented by other institutions.