Study abroad at a partner university

Through the University of Lille’s many partnerships, you have a wide range of choices to complete a study trip abroad!

Caution: we remind you that it is forbidden to travel in a country at risk (red and orange zones, examples: terrorist risk, climate risk, country at war). Also, before choosing your country of mobility, we invite you to check the risk level of the country: - in the "Sécurité" section of the country of mobility. (in French)

You are also responsible for:

- checking the conditions of reception and exit from the country (whether or not the borders are closed)
- reading the clauses of their compulsory insurance before moving abroad. It is strongly recommended to take out a repatriation insurance including the pandemic risk.
- regularly consulting the "Dernière minute" section for the country of mobility: (in French)

The University of Lille gives you the possibility to complete part of your curriculum abroad at a partner university through one of the many programmes in place:

Study abroad for one or two semesters:

To apply, follow the procedures outlined here: how to take part in an exchange programme

Study abroad as part of an agreement reached with overseas institutes that provide for the joint award of a diploma by the University of Lille at the same level and in the same field as a foreign diploma. Specific procedures apply and depend on each individual agreement:

Professional degree …
Bachelor’s degree …
Master’s degree …
Engineering diploma …

To find out more, consult the list of applicable courses



These study trips are a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an international experience over a short period.

To find out more, please consult the regularly updated lists of offers by both partner universities and non-partners.