Graduate programmes: added value

Training through research. Our training programmes are based on the four strategic themes of the Lille site ("Hubs of excellence"). You will be trained in laboratories, on cutting-edge equipments and platforms, internationally recognised for their excellence in their fields.

Advantages of the graduate programmes

  • Training in research through research

  • International education

  • Prepare your career and develop your professional network

  • Facilitate your integration

Training of excellence in research through research

  • education with a focus on research and access to cutting-edge facilities and traineeships in research units of the highest level;
  • interdisciplinary scientific training courses and events, including seminars and summer schools;
  • fast track towards PhD level based on early detection and the selection of master’s students willing and able to pursue research;
  • financial support: study grants awarded based on academic results (€3500 per year) with the additional possibility of “settling in” grants for students not yet living in France; outward mobility grant to do a traineeship in a country outside France.

An international education

  • an international environment: classes run by international experts, teaching in English to improve students’ skills in professional English, traineeships abroad with financial support (outward mobility grants)

Prepare your career and develop your professional network

  • training to develop cross-disciplinary skills: scientific communication, project management, etc.
  • professional network: interaction with doctors, researchers and engineers from the public and private sectors. Doctoral students will also have the possibility to teach or assist master’s students in the form of tutoring.

Facilitate your integration

  • events to facilitate your integration: each programme holds events at the beginning, during and at the end of the academic year: summer schools, seminar cycles, after-work sessions.
  • International Academy pre-university programme: as a student on one of our graduate programs, you can take a week of classes as part of a pre-university programme run by the International Academy. This will include French lessons and a diverse range of other topics that will allow you to adapt culturally. You will also have opportunities to chat with other students. In the summer of 2022, the “e-Academy 25” pre-University session will be held remotely online, from 29 August to 2 September 2022.
  • mutual support between students: a Facebook group reserved for students on the graduate programme has been set up to allow members to share information, general advice (administrative procedures), useful tips or accommodation listings. As soon as your application to join one of the programmes has been accepted, you will be invited to join the group.
  • a tutoring scheme is run within each programme to establish links between master’s and PhD students.